CHEMPHARM Engineering, s.r.o.

CHEMPHARM Engineering, s.r.o.

Komplexní řešení pro vaše investiční záměry

Konzultace, projekty, realizace

About us ...

CHEMPHARM Engineering, s.r.o. (Ltd.) is Design/Project, Engineering, Consulting and Supply Company with preferential concentration for Industry, among others for Chemical, Food, Pharmacology/Biotechnology as well as related Spheres and Branches.

Company was founded by three Co-owners with work history and experience about twenty year in branch in the summer 2010 with the Idea to raise highest possible Acquisition for Client as well as the other Participants of whole Investment Procedure. This Destination can be reached by using and development of positive Experience, highest Level of Flexibility and Opening to Requirements of all Participants in all Phases of Investment Process.

CHEMPHARM Engineering Target is to provide for Client complete Service during all phases of Investment from Preliminary and Preparation Phase (Feasibility Study, Reviews, Consulting), over the Project and Design Phase (Zoning and Building Permit Project including Authority Engineering and Detail Design elaboration), Preparation of Execution Works (Tender procedure, Timing of all Activities), Realization Phase (Coordination of Suppliers, Technical and Site Supervision, Cost Control, Timing Control on the base of Time Schedule) to the final Phase (testing and Complex Tests, Test run and final Approval for Use.

CHEMPHARM Engineering understands the Investment as an undivided Sequence of all Phases and this Sequence requires Management by one Subject in the whole and complete Process with clearly defined Powers, Responsibilities and Connection with running Evaluation of Works.

CHEMPHARM Engineering assumes careful and detailed Preparation as well as final Evaluation of finished Investment very useful for Client which can help him for another Activities and Business Cases.